Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Musher parking, Maclaren checkpoint, etc


Paxson Lodge has a few rooms left at this time, call 907-822-3330 to reserve your room if you plan to arrive the night before. They have electrical hook-up's for 27 campers, motor homes, etc.

Parking will be tight! Teams will have assigned parking---check in when you arrive at Paxson for your parking number. Teams depart in order of sign up--look at website list and check again in Paxson- I will have it posted on a bulletin board at Paxson Lodge.

Zoya/John will be in Paxson on the 26th from 6-10:00pm
Race official mtg. to be held in the dining room of Paxson Lodge--TBA

Mushers, please check in when you arrive.

IF you have two teams on the same truck and or pulling a trailer and need more room, please make sure to let Zoya/John know.

The 1st 6 hr layover at Maclaren will be hectic--it is only 50 miles--sleeping arrangements will be crowded. Dogs will be restless, plan accordingly. Maclaren is a full service lodge, you are responsible for your own food at Maclaren. Maclaren will likely have hot water available, cold water for sure. Gin Gin 200 will provide mushers with 1/2 bale of straw--mushers will have the option to park in same place on 2nd layover--we'll touch on this at the drivers mtg.

Snow conditions are EXCELLENT with over 3 1/2 feet on the ground.

Stand by for trail pictures on this website to be posted by weekend.