Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Trail Report

The trail crew just came in off of the 110 mile loop----It is 35 below at
the Maclaren checkpoint---the best guess is that the temperatures on the Lower Maclaren and along the Susitna are at least 10 degrees colder. Winds are calm. The trail on the Maclaren from the Lodge to the mouth is hard and fast. When we turned on the Sue we found it drifted and slower traveling; some areas aren't too bad, other sections will be punchy and tough going. The closer teams get to the Denali Highway, the better the trail will be. The Denali from the Bridge to the checkpoint is excellent; there have been quite a few machines over that part of the trail---it is smooth and fast. Expect times in the range of 12-13 hours for the fastest teams.
John Schandelmeier