Friday, December 26, 2008


Paxson, AK

After a warm front and a new snow fall, there is always WIND.

The wind is howling like hell on wheels here in Paxson. Gusts up to 65-70 mph. The wind shakes & rattles the house. The trail in front of our kennel has been wiped clean of any trace. It could last 1-3 days. 7F at present, but this too may change. Colder temperatures are in the forecast. They are calling for -30's race weekend. Sections of the race trail may blow in due to the wind storm however the lead snow machines will be ahead of the mushers by at least an hour covering the trail once again and mushers will have trail markers to help guide the way. Those markers become your lifeline out there when racing.

Wind------------13 mile hill on the Denali is a tough place to have wind with a team, there's no cover on top of the summit and teams have been blown off the Denali. Last year coming back on that last leg of the Gin Gin 200 to the Finish line, we had a heck of a time fighting our way through a little wind storm with gusts up to 45 mph. I could barely see the headlamp of Jodi Bailey in front and more times than not, I could hardly see my leaders Sebe and Bridle. We were literally being pushed off the highway by the incredible wind. This lasted for me, 11 miles. A long 11 miles. Wind can be unforgiving, you just do your best to get your team through it as fast and safe as possible.

The river trail is in the open, again with no cover from wind.

Most mushers and race officials will be traveling all day today to get here--several hours from their home to ours. Between heavy snow fall, wind and abundant moose....we are asking everyone to drive slow and take good care. Call race headquarters if there's any problems at all.

The 4th running of the Gin Gin 200 begins tomorrow at 11am, Paxson Lodge.
Men will start at noon sharp.

You may email or phone for updates anytime during race weekend.

race director